Comics and Conventions

If you ever wondered about seeing Comic-Con but never could afford, or too inconvenient for you due location, consider Fredericton. For a small city, it is packed. This city grows exponentially by the minute when it comes to events and Festivals. Summer becomes the epitome of  activities and comic lover or conventions enthusiast, you are in luck. This type of Convention in town runs in the summer holding game sales, costume prizes, and more for visitors and residents of Canada for a whole one weekend.  People from all over the country attend, and all ages are welcomed making up extra 800 to 1000 new people average. This type of event are held all over Canada, and it is a big deal to have it anywhere. For those who may not be into comics and costumes,that’s ok too. I can proudly say “I am still waiting for am movie to come out for that one”, but it’s fun to watch people in the downtown area all dressed up and happy.  


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