All you can Eat & Buy

Flea markets bring out our inner childhood/FREE sprit/product junky out, where everything you see is eye candy. For my unhealthy fellows, I promise markets do have plenty great tastings healthy items. From organic fruits, fresh fruits and flowers & amazing junk food.

One of my favorite activities in towns is attending the markets, this particular market has people driving from all over the province and several towns to sell and shop for fresh goods. It has a familiar feeling of home and everyone is extremely friendly, and of course if you are like me, you take advantage of all the tasting test going on. With no artificial food coloring or preservatives, you enjoy the incredible raw tastes.I can vouch for the 95% of sellers seemed to be those passionate owners of products that always make you feel welcomed. The market is free to attend as a buyer or seller every Saturday from 6 am to 1 pm. Even better, the market is not limited to the food lovers like moi, but arts and crafts lovers, new parents who can get toys for kids. Also, flower enthusiast, all kinds of dairy and cheese natural made by locals and currently certified. This is why we love our not so ordinary Saturday market, so much as we attend breakfast here on weekends.


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